Looking back at TEDx Midwest 2013 – Inspiring and Enriching

photo of framed poster

Greg Hedges
Managing Director, Protiviti

In May Protiviti was proud to gold sponsor TEDx Midwest 2013 – an independently organized TED gathering of remarkable people who met to skillfully communicate ideas, innovations and issues that affect most everybody.

TED personalities are known for their abilities to accomplish, perceive and inspire, and to communicate crisply, effectively – creatively. TEDx Midwest hosted a cascade of talent:

-MacArthur and Pulitzer prize winners like Paul Salopek, two-time Pulitzer winner and world trekker, tracing humanity’s migration out of Africa on his Out of Eden walk

– Entrepreneurs like Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Deliver Happiness, the company she co-founded with the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh

– Renowned scientists and technologists like Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab director, among the most influential in the web, who talked about how big companies stifle innovation

– Political activists like Harvard professor and anti-corruption crusader Lawrence Lessig

– Industry experts like Frank Heidt, formerly with the Department of Defense and one of the top information security experts in the world

– Many other award-winning photographers, writers, designers, best-selling authors, musicians, and ordinary people with an extraordinary ability to plant ideas and inspire change in their communities.

The more than 600 attendees also represented an inspiring cast of leaders and innovators. They included 400 CEOs and presidents, 150 artists and performance professionals, heads of major cultural institutions, top high school students, and dozens of MacArthur, Pulitzer, Polk, Peabody and Nobel prize winners.

To support this meeting of minds was both an honor and an inspiration for Protiviti. As I was invited to step onto the iconic red circle on the TEDxMidwest stage, I could only think of how the Protiviti values of “creativiti” and “integriti” are so well aligned with those of TED. Like every successful leader and visionary, we unbendingly focus on the upside – our solutions deliver productivity, innovation, responsibility, growth and success. Each day we commit to help our clients solve their most pressing problems by listening to them and applying creative, custom approaches and fresh ideas.

Protiviti thanks the TEDx Midwest 2013 organizers, especially Ellen Carnahan, who first reached out to us seeing the natural link of Protiviti values to TED’s mission. Protiviti also thanks the remarkable presenters and attendees, with whom we have had many opportunities to exchange ideas in the months after the sparkling lights came down on that amazing event.

2 thoughts on “Looking back at TEDx Midwest 2013 – Inspiring and Enriching

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