From Cybersecurity to IT Governance – Assessing the Results of Protiviti’s Latest IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

Protiviti has released the results of yet another informative survey that puts the spotlight on IT risks and apparent shortcomings in the ability among organizations to audit them.

As we all know, IT risks are everywhere – from privacy and infrastructure to cybersecurity. The results of our latest IT Audit Benchmarking Study show these are top-of-mind issues for boards and management teams, who know that strong IT security frameworks, and robust IT compliance and assurance programs, are critical. Therefore, organizations have a significant stake in having IT audit capabilities in place that ensure an available, secure and efficient IT environment.

Our survey reveals that companies have significant room for improvement. A major concern is data security, yet IT audit resources are inadequate. More organizations have improved their IT governance programs, but there are still major shortcomings in IT audit risk assessments.

Watch our video and listen to our podcast below. I also invite you to see how you rate in auditing your IT risks at


Podcast: From Cybersecurity to IT Governance – Preparing Your 2014 Audit Plan

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