The Year Ahead in the Financial Services Industry

For our readers in the financial services industry, we just published – in the latest installment of FS Insights – some excellent insights and perspectives on key challenges financial institutions will face in 2014. These include:
– Facing economic uncertainty
– Persisting regulatory change
– Regaining customer and market trust
– Enhancing risk management, governance and internal audit functions
– Addressing system and data issues to protect against security and cyber threats
– Attracting, retaining and developing the talent needed for the future
– Finding new revenue sources

We believe that understanding these challenges and addressing them proactively will help you achieve a successful year ahead.

Your thoughts? What other challenges is your organization facing?


2 thoughts on “The Year Ahead in the Financial Services Industry

  1. This is an excellent article. I would be interested to better understand how you see your blog as an instrument for the industry. Do you use it to generate sales and/or ideas? How is social networking a big part of your marketing strategy?


    • Thanks for your comment. We use our blog as part of our overall marketing and communications program to share information and our insights with the market, and engage our audience. While it is by no means a direct sales generation tool, it does help our organization establish relationships that can lead to business opportunities.

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