Reflecting on the Fourth Anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act

Carol Beaumier - Protiviti EVP - NY

Carol M. Beaumier, Executive Vice President, Protiviti


Protiviti’s quarterly financial services industry newsletter, FS Insights, has tracked the progress and reflected on the merits of the Dodd-Frank Act since its passage four years ago. After four years, we remain left with more questions than answers. Nearly half of the required rules still are not final.  Debate continues about the impact of the law.

In our latest issue, we look at notable regulatory developments, such as the Federal Reserve’s approval of a final rule implementing the enhanced prudential supervision standards of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s proposed guidelines for heightened governance standards for banks with assets greater than $50 billion. We posit whether the regulators might have been able to effect significant change without Dodd-Frank, since most would agree that financial institutions with strong risk management, adequate capital and sufficient liquidity are not likely to fail.

You’ll find the newsletter and the Protiviti Dodd-Frank diagnostic tool on our website. This complimentary online tool helps banking, broker-dealer and mortgage companies to identify quickly the parts of the Dodd-Frank Act that are most relevant to their business. I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter, check out our diagnostic tool, and provide any comments or responses here.


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