More on ERM – And 5 Risk Oversight Questions for Boards to Consider

As 2014 draws near, I’m pleased to share with you two articles we’ve just published that you may find useful to refer to in the coming year.

Many of us have struggled with integrating ERM into our business processes (see our related blog entry, “Getting Started with ERM”). What sounds easy in theory can be anything but in practice. In Issue 49 of our monthly newsletter, Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight, we discuss how to gain traction with ERM and offer seven design principles to overcome ERM implementation challenges.

On another topic, it is a safe bet that the business environment will continue to evolve in 2014, and risk profiles will need to be reconsidered in light of these changes. In Issue 50, titled “Five Risk Oversight Questions Directors Should Ask,” we pose five questions for boards to consider as they take a fresh look at their 2014 risk oversight agenda. Continue reading