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Today’s IT Organization – Delivering Security, Value and Performance Amid Major Transformation

Jim DeLoach, Managing Director Host, The Protiviti View

Today, Protiviti released the results of its 2014 IT Priorities Survey, and in it, there are some remarkable findings. Indeed, if there is one word to describe the state of IT organizations in 2014, it is transformation.

We found that nearly two out of three organizations are undergoing a major IT transformation. Consider the change and disruption this undoubtedly is creating within IT organizations, and it’s understandable to see why – as we found in our survey of more than 1,100 CIOs, IT executives and IT professionals – they have scores of significant priorities and likely are being pulled in multiple directions to address countless critical challenges. To no one’s surprise, these results show that IT is fundamental to executing the strategy of just about any company.

Take a look at our infographic:


Among the other key findings from our IT study:

  • Enhancing and protecting business value – The integration and alignment of IT planning and business strategy represents a paramount priority. In fact, enhancing and protecting the value of the organization – via data security as well as other IT risk management and business continuity capabilities – is top-of-mind not only for IT organizations, but also for their organizations’ boards and executive management teams.
  • All eyes are on security – Massive security breaches continue, with some organizations being questioned by congressional committees in recent months. More than ever before, this has IT departments – as well as boards and executive management – on edge, on notice and, in some cases, testifying under oath. Strengthening privacy and security around the organization’s systems and data is now a top priority across all industries. No organization is immune to this threat.
  • Managing and classifying all that data – As the need for stronger information security intensifies, CIOs and IT professionals are seeking out more effective ways to stratify the importance of the information they have, and organize and secure the growing volume of data they must manage.
  • Strengthening IT asset – and data – management – Companies are seeking to improve their data and information governance programs, a need no doubt driven by the growing use of mobile devices and applications, social media, and the continued integration of cloud computing into IT strategy and processes.
  • More mobile, more social – Mobile commerce management, mobile security and mobile integration remain focal points for IT departments in 2014, even as security-related priorities compete for their time and resources. A similar trend holds for social media, as organizations continue to rely on IT to support their investment in social media activities while improving the integration of these capabilities with other IT assets.

Let me know your thoughts on these IT challenges. And I invite you to visit our survey site at www.protiviti.com/ITpriorities for more information and a free copy of our report.

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