BlackRock’s Larry Fink Draws Another Line in the Sand – The Message Is Getting Clearer

On Jaunary 14, BlackRock’s Chairman and CEO Larry Fink issued his annual letter to public company chief executives. BlackRock is a global investment management company, the world’s largest, with almost $7 trillion in assets under management as of September 2019. This year’s letter conveys several important messages that are worth noting by those responsible for corporate strategy setting, policy and public reporting. Although he has been an advocate for sustainable investing for some time, the letter is Mr. Fink’s strongest advocacy yet for investments with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) components.

We have published a Flash Report in which we highlight key points in Mr. Fink’s letter. As markets continue to debate the issues of corporate purpose and the scale and scope of necessary governmental and corporate action on climate change, the BlackRock letter draws a line in the sand that cannot be ignored.

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