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Flash Report — The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: Who Wins, Who Doesn’t?

Jim DeLoach, Managing Director Host, The Protiviti View

It’s finally here — a historic spending package from the U.S. federal government amounting to more than $1 trillion in infrastructure investments. What does the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act call for and who is going to benefit?

This 2,700+ page legislation is the so-called “hard infrastructure” bill, as it is intended to modernize federal highways, transit systems and rail programs, as well as repair bridges and dams, rebuild water lines, install electric vehicle charging stations, and improve broadband, among other things. It is the largest federal investment in transit and water projects of its kind in U.S. history. And for many, it is a very necessary and even overdue investment given the condition of the country’s roads, dams, bridges and rail systems.

In this flash report, we provide a summary of the legislation and identify potential industry sector winners and losers.

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