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Next-Generation Internal Audit Is All About Agile

Jarod Baccus, Director Healthcare Internal Audit Practice Leader
Landon Adkins, Associate Director Healthcare Advanced Analytics Leader

The next generation of internal audit is focused on dynamically identifying and responding to the organization’s needs, and as such is advancing across the healthcare industry. In order to keep up, companies will need to adopt an agile audit approach. Quickly turning data into accurate, actionable information is key to moving forward into the next generation of internal audit.

The traditional audit approach is changing, and the use of advanced analytics has become a driving force. The transition to a next-generation approach is well underway, but progress in adopting next-generation concepts remains slow. However, digital leaders stand out in the benefits they are reaping, and although digital maturity remains a rarity, advances are evident. Clearly, the move to an innovative and dynamic audit model heavily informed by high-quality data sources is well within reach.

Successful implementation of next-generation capabilities leads to more informed internal audit functions that ultimately end up providing broader and more timely risk coverage across their organizations than ever before.

For more information about the next generation of internal audit, read our article in the AHIA’s New Perspectives (Volume 40, Issue 5).

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