Top Five Blogs of 2021 — Consumer Products and Services

Carol Raimo, Managing Director Consumer Products and Services Industry Practice Leader

Government policies surrounding public health practices and market conditions imposed by COVID-19 continued to create challenges for many organizations in the consumer products and services (CPS) industry in 2021. Nonetheless, CPS companies remained resilient and innovative, creating enhanced digital customer experiences, introducing new loyalty programs, and implementing tools and processes to protect customers. Going into the new year, CPS companies are expected to continue to enhance their data privacy practices and increase their use of data analytics to enhance productivity and efficiency, and fight fraud.

Below are links to five popular blogs of 2021 that address these major topics and more.

Data and Analytics Can Help Hospitality Firms Combat Expected Tick-Up in Fraud and Human Trafficking

Among many business threats, companies are facing a growing number of transnational organized crime groups that have migrated to the cyberworld during the pandemic and are using malware and ransomware to attack businesses from anywhere around the world. Here’s how hospitality firms can fight back.

E-Commerce Boom Heightens Privacy Risks, Creates Opportunity for Retailers to Enhance Data Practices

The massive shift to online commerce and contactless payments that began in early 2020, spurred by confinement measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, has dramatically escalated security and privacy risks associated with the financial and personal data of millions of customers. It is also a major opportunity for companies to address privacy issues.

Industry Focus: Solving Information Security Challenges in Consumer Products and Retail

Consumer products and retail companies are confronting a formidable cluster of unique information security challenges. Overcoming these obstacles requires chief information security officers to do more than ply their technical proficiency. They also need to elevate their communications and creative problem-solving skills.

Amplify Customer Experience to Propel Next-Level Growth

Customers today are buying based on their experience with a company and whether a product or service aligns with their personal values, including access, inclusivity, sustainability and trust. Here’s how your organization can ensure that customer experience continues to play a starring role in decision-making, including being woven into all technology initiatives.

Latest Payroll Rescue Aid for Airlines Compounds Compliance Workload

The compliance requirements for airlines participating in the payroll support and loan programs initially instituted under the CARES Act continued to increase in volume and complexity with the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The $14 billion of direct aid for payroll support came with many restrictions that airlines need to carefully consider.

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