Top Five Blogs of 2021 — Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Gordon Tucker, Managing Director Global Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Practice

Throughout 2021, the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry continued to innovate and adapt to the new normal. TMT organizations introduced flexible work-from-home plans, rolled out new products to help customers adapt to the remote environment and revamped internal processes with new automation technologies. At the same time, many were restrained in their capital-spending decisions given the uncertainties in the marketplace.

Data privacy remains a major issue of concern for TMT leaders. Going into 2022, many are looking to strengthen their compliance programs to respond to the heightened regulatory environment and increased risks brought on by changes to business processes, emerging technologies and new operating models.

Below are links to five popular blogs of the past year that cover these major topics and more.

As Tech CFOs Escalate Return-to-Office Strategies, Opportunities to Innovate Abound

Many firms are itching to reunite product developers and programmers around office water coolers and conference room tables. In contrast to many of their Big Tech rivals that are driving the growing work-from-home and remote work trends, a number of tech executives would be glad to reboot those cranky old office copiers that have laid dormant for more than a year.

It’s Sink or Swim for Tech Companies in High-Stakes Privacy Crackdown

As scrutiny from internal stakeholders, regulators, legislatures, shareholders and customers intensifies, many business leaders recognize that building a comprehensive data privacy program can no longer be a back-burner initiative.

Securing the 5G Future

Chief information security officers in the telecommunications industry are preparing their data protection programs for a 5G future that will fully arrive in three to five years.

Tech Leaders Rephrase the Conversation to Proactively Detect Sensitive Data and Apply Controls

Faced with an ever-evolving mix of forces in the market — including increasing sprawl of sensitive data, data migration to the cloud and regulatory pressure — tech leaders are struggling to meet demands relying solely on technology.

The Power of People: Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Protiviti’s subject matter experts discuss building a culture of innovation in the workplace, using technology to improve engagement, and developing the right roles to handle evolving technologies.

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