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Top Five Insights of 2021 — Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Gordon Tucker, Managing Director Global Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Practice

Are technology companies getting too big to fail? Will the long-simmering techlash explode in the post-pandemic period? How should they navigate the many new and evolving regulations worldwide that are forcing business, technical and legal operational changes on an almost weekly basis? What are some of the pressing issues on the minds of executives and finance leaders at technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) organizations?

Protiviti’s subject matter experts address these pressing issues and more in the top five insights of 2021 listed below.

Finding Equilibrium in an Era of Heightened Regulation

How can technology companies achieve the right balance between the push for innovation and growth and the pull of regulation?

Building a Comprehensive Data Privacy Program: Four Actionable Steps for Technology Companies

Most technology companies today understand that ensuring data privacy and protection is an imperative for their business; however, few manage this process well or even invest enough resources in that effort.

Infographic: IT Audit Tech Risks in the Tech, Media & Telecom Industries

Cybersecurity, privacy, data and resilience dominate the top technology challenges for TMT organizations, according to the annual ISACA/Protiviti Global Survey of IT audit leaders and professionals.

Security, Data, Analytics and ESG Top 2021 Priorities for TMT Finance Leaders

For TMT companies, data protection and maintaining privacy for customers and other key stakeholders is an area of intense focus. In last year’s survey, TMT finance leaders identified this as their second overall top priority, but this year, most survey respondents (88%) ranked security and privacy second to none.

Top Risks for 2021 and 2030 — Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Perspectives

In this ninth annual survey, Protiviti and NC State University’s ERM Initiative report on the top risks on the minds of global boards of directors and executives in 2021 and, in a new dimension to this study, over the next 10 years.

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