People walking in urban center
People walking in urban center

Urbanite Venture CEO Arzu Tekir Says Now Is the Time to ‘Start Thinking Big’ About the Future of Cities

Joe Kornik, Director of Brand Publishing Editor-in-Chief of VISION by Protiviti

No one can predict the future with any certainty. But there are trends in motion today, good and bad, giving strong signals of what’s likely to come for the cities of tomorrow. And, if we don’t act now to find real solutions to the significant problems many cities are grappling with — including rapid growth, traffic congestion and air pollution — the quality of life for future city dwellers will suffer greatly.

Arzu Tekir, CEO of growth consulting firm, Urbanite Ventures, made that forecast in a recent article for VISION by Protiviti, underscoring that now is “a critical moment for cities.” She also offered a call to action for startups, universities, technology companies, mobility and utility companies, policymakers, and many others to seize the “opportunity to make the right decisions and implement smart, sustainable urban solutions by using technologies that maker our cities smarter, livable and lovable.”

Tekir acknowledges that it will be no small feat to “end the procrastination and start thinking big” about the future of cities. She also urges the many stakeholders shaping that future to give a critical eye to every decision they make to confirm that it will in fact improve city living — including for today’s residents.

For more insights from Tekir on how to make the cities of tomorrow successful, read “High touch, not high tech,” on VISION by Protiviti. Subscribe to the VISION by Protiviti newsletter.

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