People walking through paved plaza
People walking through paved plaza

Cities Stay Dynamic When Treated Like “Jewels” Says National Urban League President Marc Morial

Joe Kornik, Director of Brand Publishing Editor-in-Chief of VISION by Protiviti

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit U.S. cities hard, and many city leaders have made unpopular and economically bruising decisions, like closing schools and businesses, to help protect residents. National Urban League President Marc Morial said these officials haven’t received the credit they deserve for making difficult calls amid a time of tremendous uncertainty and without “a real national plan.”

Morial expressed his admiration for cities’ mayors — referring to them as champions — in a recent interview for VISION by Protiviti. Morial also underscored his confidence in the toughness of urban residents and their ability to rebound after the pandemic: “They are strong, they’re resilient, and they love their communities.” He also said he remains an optimist about the future of America’s cities but emphasized that cities must overcome an array of complex challenges to remain dynamic, viable places for people to live and work in the future.

“We have to treat our cities as the jewels that they are,” Morial said. “They are the economic capitals, cultural capitals, media capitals, and the places where multiple ethnicities and races and people of different backgrounds live together.” But Morial warned that the lack of both public and private investment in everything from transit systems to the electric grid to affordable housing puts these precious jewels at significant risk of losing both their luster and value.

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